Roaches in the coop

City Farmer Jim

Mar 18, 2020
South Texas close to Corpus Christi
Being a newbie at keeping chickens and not sure what is acceptable and unacceptable in the coop besides the chickens. I'm aware of the mites and lice that are unacceptable but is there anything else? Roaches seems to be the critter in the coop with the girls. We use the deep litter method so is this normal? Are the little creepy bugs something you worry about? Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.
Hello City Farmer Jim,
I’ve had luck keeping bugs out of the coop by mixing wood ash from the fireplace (or diatomaceous earth from Tractor Supply) with a bale of pine shavings and use that for nest boxes. However I’m not sure if that would work with deep bedding on the coop floor. The wood ash may be sprinkled wherever the cockroaches are. The ash kills bugs by getting into the cracks of their shells and making the bugs sort of dry up. It takes a week or two. I do not use barbecue ash or coal ash. Are you able to store the feed in a galvanized can with lid? Can you post a photo of the area in question?
I have hanging a feeder and haven't seen any in their feed YET they are in and around the nesting box(s). I will try some DE in the nesting boxes.
I never had any luck with DE personally. I know there are people who swear by it. I would try some poultry dust which has permethrin in it. It is safe and there is no egg withdrawal period. You can put it in the litter and in the nest boxes. Good luck...

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