Road Island Red Chick

momma mariana

7 Years
May 21, 2012
We recently got 48 chickens. One of them has problems with both of his legs. They seem to be dislocated. I have tried to feed it with a water dropper and make him/her as comfortable as possible. I do not know what to do. She/he seems very lively. It loves to be in my hand guess its because its warm. My question is what else can I do for this little chickie? It just hobbles in a circle.

Anyone else saved a hobbling baby chick?
Sounds like spraddle leg to me. I have saved many a chick w/ this & got them walking again, and I've lost several that got to me too late & their tissues were already too far set in the wrong position to fix. The older they are the harder it is, the longer it takes, and the less chance of success. There are a few threads here on spraddle leg, and I have always found this website extremely useful:
it seems to be spraddle leg. I've followed the directions on how to place a bandaide inbetween the chickies that we now call "Chance" legs. It keeps tipping over to the side. I hope i can succeed in helping it walk. :S
That's sad

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