Roaster or Hen?!


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Sep 12, 2014
Hello! I got two Buff Orpington Chickens in May. They're 17 weeks old. One is MUCH bigger than the other, but they came from the same flock at the same time. She's showing signs of being a roaster (she crowed at me a few days ago! - Although I heard some dominate chickens crow when there is no roaster.)
Audrey doesn't have a spur on her foot yet, but a large lump that may be one eventually. (Sophie has a little bump too, but much smaller.)
I attached pictures of Audrey (Roaster-in-question) and Sophie (Much smaller little chicken) and a clip of the together for comparison. Does Audrey appear to be a roaster? They were suppossed to both be hens, but now I'm not so sure.

I think it's a Roaster (He would actually be considered a cockerel) When a cockerel is over a year of age will then make him a Cock. Your hen would be called a pullet at this point and then she'll become a Hen at one years age

You can tell because he is developing a comb bigger and faster than she is. He has deeper richer color than your female and he has hackle feathers developing. Cute movie by the way.
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Audrey looks like an Andy to me too. I hope he won't end up in the roaster, but that's a normal part of having chickens for some chicken keepers.
P.S.- I love the video!
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