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Apr 13, 2015
I wanted to start a conversation with some of the more experienced "ordinance informed" folks around here regarding our local ordinances around chickens, mainly so I am more informed in the event that we have a problem down the road.

We live on 1.5 acres. The neighbors on the one side are moderately close to the coop but are very happy with the arrangement and helped us get all set up. The folks on the other side are more stand off (but a little farther away, maybe 200 feet). We don't have a great relationship with them, but its not horrible either. They'd be most likely to call the county on us particularly because their living room looks out on the coop. We have planted a hedge to block the view though!

We have 16 chickens in a large coop/run setup that faces away from their home. They cannot see the chickens, even from the property line, only the building.

Here is the county zoning ordinance. We are zoned R-1 Residential.

I actually called the county last year and asked if keeping chickens on an R-1 property was allowed, even at 1.5 acres, and they said technically no, but that they would never find out unless someone complained. So my only concern is the one neighbor, until our hedge is grown in completely.

Since we are not within city limits, would the only ordinance that applies to this be the zoning ordinance?

Also I see people fighting violations with claims of the chickens being pets. I wonder how this would stand up to our ordinance?
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