Rodents Killing Chicks - HELP!


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Jan 25, 2014

About 8-10 weeks ago, 3 out of my 6 fertile eggs hatched and turned into lovely rare red leghorn chicks for a broody shaver hen. My broody shaver hen took very good care of them bringing them up until they were about 6-7 weeks old... My only male dark brown chick was viciously killed without anyone knowing by his (and all the other chicken and chicks) shed. This she'd is by another larger shed which I use for storage and that has mice in it. I know that there is at least 2 rats underneath and where I found him it looked as though a rat had killed him and tried to drag him under the shed to feed possible baby rats and mate rat. I was truly upset because I thought they were all big enough plus the mother to fend for them selves but he was getting quite curious so he must of went out by himself and faced the rat.

I went to the chicken store and the guy there showed and sold me a stoat trap, a walk in poison trap and a bucket of poised blocked. I set up the stote trap with I piece of meat in it. It hasn't been touched for a few weeks so I don't think we have a stoat. He said that I might want to get rid of the mice in the larger shed by banging in a couple of poison blocks in the wood and I did so and it worked. With the last one, which I put inbetween the sheds for the rats, it has had bites taken out of it with what I think was a rat. I think I may have killed all the rats and mice and whatever else was there but just one thing...

The lady down the road has wild chickens that were dumped living on her property and a brown rooster and a black speckled white chicken had 9 different and multi coloured chicks. The lady doesn't want them all there adding to the noise she already has to put up with so I and some other relatives of her are thinking of taking a few. I want to take 3 but I just want to make sure that there is nothing else I can do to help these chicks.

The reason I did this post is because one of my two remaining chicks has been picked on my either a rat or the chicken continuously and I was just wanting to check before I get more.


Photo 1 - mother of chicks I have now
Photo 2 - 3 chicks before brown one was killed
Photo 3 - the most recent photo of my 2 chicks... The larger one is the one getting picked on.



Yea I know... The rat and his family had endless supply to chicken food and now he's stuffed his life up

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