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    Mar 18, 2018
    Though it was cute when we found a couple of hay bales with empty holes in them. "Aw look there must of been a nest in here but its empty now." i ignorantly told the kids. Oh rats! Yes lots of them but we didnt notice them until a few years later. My chickens free range and the goats graze in the yard so poisons are out. What type of pest control will work in my situation where cant do poisons?
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    Do a search in this forum for rats. Lots of suggestions you will find from people who have had to eradicate them with chickens and other animals around. Also, there is an "article" section on this website - there may be an article about this issue as well.
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    Feb 18, 2016
    Actually.....poisons are IN......if you really want to get rid of them. You just use the right type and use them in such a way nothing else is harmed.

    The whole thing is layed out here.

    First video is old and dated, but is still very much applicable as it gives you an idea on what you are up against. Good stuff starts on page 2 of the thread. Just know that if you have a severe rat problem, the solution is a long, multi-step process.....starting with rat proofing the structure you want to keep them out of; elimination of all sources of food and water......and if those are not finish them off with poisons served up from secure bait stations.

    I don't envy your journey.
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    I read something about people using flybait and coke. I think it was pretty controversial but apparently it works really well and practically kills them on the spot. But you would have to put it well away from any other animals.
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    Marin is awful stuff! I reluctantly used other bait, as no trap will ever get all the rats. If you see one, you have MANY!!!
    Having a rotten little terrier is a big help; that's what they were developed to do. If you want one, and can convince it to ignore your chickens.
    Bait in bait stations, with all pets locked up, does work. Most rodents will die in their burrows, which is a good thing. Every dead critter found needs to be wrapped in the garbage to prevent secondary poisonings. The anticoagulant poisons work, as do the nerve types. AVOID zinc phosphide, it's too dangerous to have around.
    Most cats won't tackle adult rats; my barn cats always thought that rats are my problem, not theirs.

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