Rogue Rooster...what are the odds?


15 Years
Apr 9, 2008
fort bragg nc
well this weekend was just beautiful. so i spent alot of time in the yard with my girls, making them french toast and goodies. the i see my buff brahma out of the corner of my eye, my rooster brahma, up the hill in the woods. well, i thought to myself, since when did he get so small. then i look and my rooster was standing behind me with my girls enjoying breakfast. so i had to do a double take, where did this bantam buff brahma roo come from? he was not very friendly, he wouldn't come near me. i lured him over with some goodies and the other chickens made him feel at home. my rooster even let him integrate into the flock! strange enough. checked last night and he was right at home sleeping on top of my chicken coop. my goodness! i just never thought i would get another chicken this way. had to share, will post pics of this beauty when i can
What a sweet story! If you could only get him to bring his harem with him next time. micah
We had a little black game roo that came around last fall but then he just disappeared.... I wish I had put him in the coop but I was afraid he bring some disease with him.
lol, and two days later he's still here! sleepin' ON the coop rather than in it. still shy of people. he's not quite integrated into the flock and dont know if he will get to that point. i call him rogue because he's always lurking on the outskirts of the flock, following them wherever they go. suprisingly enough, the standard brahma roo i have is the only one who doesn't give this little guy any trouble...yet.

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