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    Well, I made a mistake this evening and my brain was in hibernation mode. I picked up the left side of the incubator today to pull out an envelope that had somehow gotten stuck underneath. WHY I did that I don't know - logic tells me to pick something up if an object is underneath it that I would like to remove. Chicken Logic never kicked in. In any case, a split second is how long it took me to realize I screwed up. The eggs that are outside the carton (they're in lockdown by the way) went rolling across the incubator like hockey pucks on ice - they pretty much slammed into each other, then into the styrofoam wall (in that order). flipping out and reacting badly - I of course said "oh bleep" and put the side down immediately (causing them to roll back the other way just as violently).

    The eggs in the carton are fine...I think...just wondering if I may have scrambled all the other ones to death?
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    Oh, isn't that what we all fear -- doing something like that to the eggs! I'm so sorry!

    Time will tell. Newly hatched chicks smash and roll eggs together while they're careening around the incubator. They still hatch. Yours might be alright, too. [​IMG]
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    Yup, I'm very good at being 'duh' sometimes. There is a pip in one of the eggs that went on a rolling adventure, so there's at least one of them that doesn't seem to be any worse for wear (thus far).
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    I think they should be fine. If they were just set it might have damaged them but since they are about to hatch they should be fine.

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