Roo Acting Lethargic, Can't Find Crop To Check


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Dec 12, 2016
Hi All!

We are newbies to the chicken world and our 3 month old Barred Rock Roo is acting different today, not out free-ranging with his girls, just sitting around. He is making noises at me, but also not putting up too much of a fight (still running away, but I can always catch him) to pick him up. I have read every article and looked at every diagram to locate his crop, but I'm not sure I'm feeling it! I can feel it in the hens for sure - no question! I think I feel a lump, but there is a strong heartbeat where I'm feeling and so I'm thinking it's maybe his neck?

He is not really too interested in eating, I haven't seen him poop, but that doesn't mean he's not and the rest of the flock seems to be ok. There is one Barred Rock who is keeping him company on and off. She actually kinda cries when he's not with her, but no one else is acting like he is, which makes me think it's Impacted Crop, but like I said, I can't tell what I'm feeling!!

Is there anything else it might be that I should be checking/watching out for?

Any advice would be helpful! Wish someone could come show me where to feel on him, but words will have to do! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


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HI there!
What is your weather like?
Can you try to get some water into him?


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If he's not eating much you won't feel much....
look below neck before the chest area... on the right I believe....
you would feel a lump and know thats what it is...
He could possibly have coccidiosis.... I didn't say he did, but check out this website...

check for lice... especiallly where poop comes out....
lice can kill very quickly.... I don't know if its that either...but do check...


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He is still at the age where coccidiosis could affect him. Cocci is treated with Corid liquid or powder in the water for 7 days, and you can get it at most feed stores. Symptoms are not eating, lethargy or weakness, puffing up or hunched posture. Offer him a little chopped egg


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Dec 12, 2016
Thanks everyone for your replies. It's been a busy few days here, we moved the coop to it's permanent location today!
The Roo seems back to himself. Was out free ranging with the ladies all day today. Sometimes got a bit quiet and hung back at the coop by himself, but otherwise was eating and drinking like everyone else!
I'm very happy for all the information, however. We really love having these feathered friends in our lives, so I'm sure I'll run into these situations at one time or another. I'm keeping an eye on Mr. Roo and making sure he doesn't suddenly relapse or start someting new.
Thank you all again so much!!

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