Roo attacks my husband ONLY!!!


10 Years
May 23, 2009
Chili suddenly stated to attack my DH mostly in the AM, but sometimes other times during the day. DH is letting them out and feeding them. Chili is the only free ranging roo, nobody is broody that he is responsible for. Chili is fine with me, the dogs and strangers. What's up with this? Cock of the walk thing?
Yep! Hubby needs to let Chili know who the real rooster is in your setup. Treat Chili like he is second roo, keep him on edge and alert to attack from Roo #1 at all times. Do not let him eat, breed, or approach Roo #1 (hubby) without an "attack" in his direction....make them unexpected, sudden and full frontal. NEVER let him get comfortable...lurk around corners and surprise him with a lunge in his direction, take a slender staff with you when you walk in the coop area and touch him with it as much as possible....right on the back or buttocks. Let him know that you (hubby) are in charge and he is small and insignificant. Keep him wary and walking a wide path around hubby to avoid the unexpected touch or lunge towards him.

If he cannot learn from these lessons, Chili will taste nice if marinated and grilled for Sunday supper.
Yes, I agree with the previous post, Your rooster thinks he is the boss.

I always grab any that are behaving this way when they come out of the coop first thing in the morning and hand him to the person who he is being aggressive to (Making sure that he is in a tight bundle first i.e wings tucked in etc.) The rooster then stays tucked up under the persons arm for as long as they can stand the weight (not too long with my big Brahma boys), whilst the person intermittently strokes and keeps him subdued.
This gives out two messages. a) You mean him no harm and b) You are able to subdue him and will not accept any nonsense from him.
You feel a bit silly with a rooster tucked under your arm, but it usually works,

Good Luck,


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