Roo being ostracized by hens????

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    Feb 23, 2010
    My handsome leghorn roo boy, who is about 3, has the crap beat out of him several days ago by a neighbors' feral roo. Fortunately I caught him before he got too beat up, but he was laying on the ground and the other roo was pummeling his head. Truth told, my roo does not fare so well in these fights. But I LOVE him. I raised him from a day-old chick. I can deal with that other little *******, but my concern is this: The girls are staying together as a group but are not walking around with him. His head looks good, not too much damage, blu-koted him. His tail is down,and he sits by himself mostly. They do get to free-range. I think the poor boy is having self-esteem issues. I notice they are walking as a group a little....The dynamic is very obvious, but I am wondering will this resolve or has the other roo beat him out of Alpha? I don't think he had jumped on a hen since the attack...I will be encouraging the feral to stay away....
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