Roo Dominace Question

Panhanle RIR

9 Years
Apr 16, 2010
Texas County, Oklahoma
Okay i thought i had only 1 roo my RIR Pheonix but when phoenixs babies were released one hen (SLW Snow) started to bite and kick them so i put her in another part of the run away from the other chickens since then s/he has never laid another egg so i got to thinking maby she is a he but he has never crowed so i wondered if the beta roo would crow and if maby i hav another roo

o and also part of his/her comb got froze off last winter but is still as big as his/her sisters Checkers and s/he is also smaller than his/her sister
I have never raised the breeds you mention. However, I had 1 of 4 BO's that I thought might be a hen and had others tell me the same. The roos were mean, especially to my white rock hens so I culled 3. The girly roo who had never crowed was left in the pen with the ladies. Immeciately he began to crow and since he turned out just as mean he got culled also.

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