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    Aug 15, 2009
    Haha...another silly question.

    If you have more than one rooster running with the ladies, I'm assuming they can both mate with the ladies....would a hen then have sperm from both roosters? Or will a hen not mate after she's mated with one of them? And since they are fertile for a couple of weeks after mating, would you have a different "father" for every egg laid during those couple of weeks?

    When I get to the point of hatching some of the eggs, I'm just wondering what I'm going to get [​IMG] I'm sure I'll have to be a bit more deliberate and put them in seperate pen...but just for curiousity.

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    Quote:The hen would have the sperm from both roosters.
    A hen will mate with any cockerel- well most of the time she doesn't get a choice [​IMG]
    Im not sure about that, you will probably have different fathers to different eggs.

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