Roo has changed in his behavior! Need Advice!

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    Our previously, wonderful Buff Roo, 1 1/2 yrs. old, has changed dramatically regarding our contact with his girls (7 hens). He doesn't want anyone messing with them at all. He's a wonderful rooster, that's why I got the B.O. breed because I have two children (9 and 10) and wanted the most docile type.
    Besides his quite ornery morning behavior (forget about interacting with him or the girls then!), but he's on alert all the time now. Chasing the children (not pecking them except on toes and no flying and spurring) and not even allowing himself to be picked up before like before.
    He's not spurred anyone, but my husband is trying to remind him who's boss and has gotten it good on the hand today and it's becoming that we're uneasy and it wasn't like that before. It's like he doesn't trust us anymore. Now in all honesty, my dd hasn't been trusted by him for awhile, not letting her into the run with him and the hens, etc, due to her hyperactivity and problem with antagonizing and finding humor in aggitated chickens (and her brother, but that's for another forum), so she has been placed off limits in being in any contact until this situation improves.

    Can someone tell me what's normal and what's not? I'd hate to turn him into supper. He's so good with his girls and has been good around the children and us (though I have only had an incident here and there, but I'm the food person, but am becomeing uneasy) for so long. Plus, he's beautiful.
    What do you suggest in training him to trust us again? We're not strangers and are not a danger to his girls, but we are being treated like it. My son used to be able to come behind him and pick him up, the roo was my son's favorite, no problem; my husband, the same, but not anymore and my son is now wary, which doesn't help.

    Should we start "showing" him who's the "boss" again like we did when he was maturing at a few months old, combined with treats and more contact?

    Any advice by those who've gone through something similar and was able to change the situation?

    Thanks, Rachel
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    It's not a matter of trust. He's trying to exert his dominance over his entire domain, and that includes your family. He definately needs to be shown who is boss before his behavior escalates. A large rooster can do significant and permanent damage.
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    Don't let him mate when any human is around, use a broom to gently knock him off the hen if he succeeds.

    Toss some scratch before you enter the pen, not to distract him, but to remind him that you're not another rooster

    Resist the urge to fight back--that's what other roosters do. Don't antagonize him, just walk in, do your chores, don't let him mate and non-chalantly leave.
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    I have a very large BO rooster and 5 children, the first thing you have to remember is they look at you and watch your behavior.
    You said your daughter teased the chickens and that may have set the ball rolling. If they sense fear they feel like aha I have power.
    Then they will use that power it gets out of hand. If you can try not to show you are afraid of him or weary of him that would help, they pick this up very quickly and run with it.

    My Rooster breeds in front of us and has never came after us, my kids go in the coop but I tell my children if they chase the hens they will not lay eggs and I will know when one has been chased. My kids go back there by them selves to collect eggs and give treats and we have 7 roosters none of them fight and none of them chase us. My kids pick up the roosters and have even dressed them in doll clothes.

    It is possible there is something going on that you not aware of or have seen yet.
    Be stern, be the boss and don't ever turn and run from them it gives them a sense of power. Unless your having to protect your self I am not saying stand there and let him attack you. But put your foot down and don't allow him to run you.

    Good luck!

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