Roo has missing tail feathers

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    May 23, 2009
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    Yesterday(Friday) morning, approx. 11AM, something was chasing my hen & roo outside my back windows. I saw feathers in a tangle of footprints in the snow. No blood. Silence. Total silence. Mu husbsnd tracked the footprints, he found more feathers, no blood. My lil' black hen was walking in the snow out front. I went to her, she seemed tired, hungry & thirsty. So, food, water, and a bed of straw. Then I locked her in the hut/ pen.(it's short - 3' x 8'x4' ) No roo.
    This morning. I heard my roo crowing. DH found him - hiding under our box truck. I gave him food & water. He seemed fine, but tired. I left the two birds alone for 5 minutes, to share their fave. food, Ravioli & oatmeal- raw oats. This was the most I've seen roo eat! I marched the 2 birds to their pen & they both seemed so happy to be back together, safe and warm.
    ?? Will this roo's tail feathers grow back to his usual beauty, or will he not heal? this time of year? Still seeing no blood on him.
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    Jan 11, 2007
    Yes, if his feathers were pulled completely out they will regrow. If they were just broken off, they won't regrow until he moults.

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