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I have an EE roo about 6 months old that a couple of days ago I noticed him limping. So I felt of his leg bones all the way from his hips and couldn't feel anything broken. I was looking around for something he could have hurt himself on and noticed a low perch had fallen on one side. this is about a foot off the ground so I thought maybe a sprain. Yesterday, DH tended to the chickens, because I wasn't able to get out there and he said he was still limping.
I go out today and he is not able to put weight on that leg. He can move it as if to walk. Hip, knee and toes all work, and its warm. But it is swollen around the knee area. I plan to get him out tonight so I don't have to chase him around and put him in a small cage to keep him confined so he doesn't injure it anymore. Maybe it is dislocated at the knee. He does appear to be in pain. I can't afford to take him to the vet. It's just not an option at this point.

What should I look for or feel for or maybe do to help him. I won't let him stay in pain long. I'll have to cull and I don't want to. He is my only EE roo. That is unless one or some of their chicks are roos.

I can soak his leg, wrap it, splint it what ever but I don't know what. Any advice would be helpful at this point. I spoke to somebody in chat the other day and was told to take him to a vet. Unfortunately, that isn't an option. Wish I could show you but don't have a camera either.
I would bring him in and spoil him rotten and make a house chicken out of

seriously though... i would bring him in and isolate him a cat carrier for a few days and limit the amount of jumping he does and hopefully its just a sprain and it will after resting for a few days

and i am not joking about the house chicken part he will love it in the house and when you open the door he will follow you right in like a dog... thats if you free range...all of my chickens have been in the chicken ICU aka.. the diningroom for one thing or another and they will try to follow me into the house

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