Roo Mating Ducks...Help

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10 Years
May 13, 2009
Burlington KS
Good morning everyone.
Has anybody had this problem with their Roo.? I can't stop my roo from chasing and trying to mate with my poor Pekin ducks. One of my ducks has a bum leg and cannot defend herself like the other two. I had a harmoneous flock up intil now. Please don't suggest the boiling pot for my roo. I hatched him from an egg and he was the only egg that hatched out of 24 so He's very special. I hate to keep him seperated from the flock and by himself. I tried that before and it lasted about a week. He eventually stopped but now is back to his own self. What do I do? Is he just showing off to the hen's?
Thank's a bunch for any advice.
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