Roo needs to man up!


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May 1, 2011
I just integrated four little ones into a flock of hens (this will be our third day). The little ones consist of a Rooster who is aprox. 17 weeks or so and some smaller chickens (sex unknown) aprox. 14 weeks. I just found my very large Orpington Rooster (the 17 week old) with his behind in the air; head buried in a corner in a pile of shavings. He was squaking loudly while a hen from our existing flock was pecking his bum! When will he come around, stand up for himself, and ring her bell? He is terrified! It is as if he is more scared than the smaller chickens that have been introduced with him. Is he going to make it, or shall I intervene. I love that giant rooster. I am just bewildered right now, as to why he isn't kickin' some tail! Is there still hope for him? He is the same size as the hens in the existing flock. The hens are about 30 weeks now.

I hate to see all this bullying going on. It breaks my heart:(
I'd like to see what others say too, I have one that is 7 months and doesn't crow or mate. Had one of my "getting ready to lay" hens back up to him and he just looked and walked away. When there was a hawk nearby, he was first in the coop! What the heck! Oh and by the way, he's a Hatch!
Oh my goodness Cee Cee...I think my roo will be the same way! I have never seen such a docile rooster. Does your rooster fight back at all or is he clearly at the bottom of the pecking order? I was under the impression that if they were a rooster, then that brought them right to the top of the pecking order. I guess I was wrong...hahaha
he will be fine it took mine 3 months to finally man up
Yeah, they all mature at different ages. Mine is over 7 months, and just a couple weeks ago started crowing and then mating. Today I saw him calling for the girls because he found food. They came running and he stood back and let them have it. First I ever saw him do that. He literally was a genderless bird for 7 months, and then one day a light went on and he grew up. I'm sure the same will happen to yours!

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