Roo nice to us, mean to hens.


9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
We have five silkies. Two are roos and three are hens. The one rooster is afraid of us, but always lets the hens eat first, go to sleep first, etc. The other rooster adores us, talks to us, lets us cuddle him, etc. But, when a hen gets in his way, he pecks them very hard and chases them. We discipline him by bringing him over to the big girls (RIRs) and just letting them look at each other (he occaisonally takes them on but always ends up losing, so he's a bit scared of them), and yell at him. It doesn't seem to be doing anything, but we need him to stop.
How old are your roosters? The one that hates the hens has fixated on you as his flock, he has been made into a pet. Also two roosters and three hens are way too much. Even one rooster is more than enough for them. When they approach sexual maturity (if they haven't already) meanie might change his attitude about the silky hens, or the two roosters may end up in combat. Just knowing the little you have written I would dump meanie and keep the rooster that is somewhat afraid of you but treats the girls well. You want a rooster who knows you are alpha.

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