Roo not servicing the flock


8 Years
Apr 30, 2012
I have a buff orpington rooster that was servicing the entire flock of 11 hens in the Aug-early-Oct time frame.

I have a variety of breeds, ISA browns, barred rock, bo's, EE, etc. It now seems that he isn't interested or isn't effective. Except for the BO eggs (which I can differentiate bc the hens just started laying and they are small) and the EE, all the other eggs are coming in infertile.

Is this an effect of shortened daylight? Has he "lost" his flock, except for the other BO's and EE (which is at the bottom of the pecking order). None of my birds have molted or seen much drop-off in their laying (8 of 11 each day), despite not having artificial light in the coop.

It just seems weird that he was fertilizing the eggs in the summer-fall and not now. I would like to hatch out some eggs early this spring as my ISAs will retire this summer and I'd like to have replacements laying before they retire. If my Roo needs a little boost.....
Maybe he's getting ready to molt and needs a break? I wouldn't worry too much unless he shows signs of illness or until it gets closer to spring. You could try separating him for a couple days and putting him in again. He should be excited to be back with his girls and will want to reassert his position as flock leader.
For mine, it WAS a matter of daylight hours. He is now mating all of the hens regularly after a couple weeks of supplemental light in the AM. I also would like to do some hatching this spring, so I needed to know that he was fertile. Of course supplemental light for the roo isn't necessary but I was also noticing a drop off of egg production in my young hens.

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