Roo or Hen also Breed?


6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
Hi fellow chicken lovers. Can you help me identify thesse chicks breed & sex if possible. Thay are all Bantams. Thank you very much.

chick #1 was solid about 3weeks today

this lil chick loves to sing lol 3weeks today

I thought theese 2 were mille fleur's but not like my last 2 chicks 3 yrs ago.

theese are the same 2

just a couple random pics in case theese help. Sorry about the quailty of pics. Thanks for all your help.
1: looks like gold laced sebright (pullet?)

2: looks like silver laced sebright roo

3(the one on the perch): ? roo

4(the one on the ground): ? pullet
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Thanks Paisleyrae. I got them at TSC in the bantam bin. I thought they were going to be Mille Fleurs like my other two girls (3yrs now) but they are coloring differently & alot bigger than they were at that age.
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