Roo or hen? Corrected & figured it out ;)


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Sep 20, 2014
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Thank you for the help 😉😁

It's the brown gray speckled looking one. Its slowly acting like a rooster. I hope for the chicken it's a girl, but hey.... for fun I'm asking.... I will give it life until im certain.


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Sorry but it’s a Rooster.
The animal is called a Chicken. Not the females. Adult Males are Roosters, and Adult Females are Hens. Male under 1 year is a Cockerel, and Female under one year is a Pullet.

TheOddOneOut already explained this some, but I just want to make sure you understand!
That's a boy. Chicken only tells you the animal, not the gender. For example, if I say I have a
bantam mille fleur frizzled cochin female chicken, bantam tells me the size, mille fleur tells me the color, frizzled tells me the feather type, cochin tells me the breed, female tells me the gender, and chicken tells me the species.
It's a chicken. (The species.)

For male chickens: (which yours is one)
If it is under a year, it's called a cockerel.
Over a year, it's a rooster.

Hen is the proper term for a female chicken over a year. Pullet for a female chicken under a year.

Asking if it is a "chicken or rooster" is the equivalent (when talking about humans) is asking if it is a "human or a boy". :)

Your boy will be beautiful as he grows :)
Hopefully he does well with you and your hens/pullets.

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