Roo or Hen?


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Sep 8, 2013

Hey! We got this chicken from my younger brothers school, it is 4 mos old and I have no idea what gender it is. I'm usually great and being able to tell, but this is my first welsummer. (At least that's what I think it is, the school didn't know) please help!
Hmm ok thank you so Much! That gives me a lot more info. And all those pics were at a bad angle, the comb is actually about 2 inches long and an inch high if held up straight, so I thought it was really big for 4 mos
Here are two of our White Leghorn girls'
heads. They're almost 3months old. See their large combs? A couple are already starting to flop even though they're not gargantuan yet.

Sorry about pic quality in the second, I was trying to zoom on just the chicken so her head is better seen than my kids!

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Ok then, thank you so much! This helps a lot, I'm happy to know she's a hen because our hoa doesn't allow roosters. Thank you so much everyone!

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