roo or pullet?


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Apr 20, 2013
I have four chicks at the moment and I need to know if they are guys or gals. so I have four different breeds at the moment and I think that only two are males at the moment but I don't know about my EE might be. at the moment they are four weeks old and one has the biggest comb of the whole flock, and I know that the ones with the big combs are boys but I have different breeds so idk and this is my first time with chickens so I am clueless. and the other one is doing this kind of thing where it throws its head back and It looks like it is trying to crow but cant, but it has a comb as small and yellow as the rest.

so can anyone fix my problem?
and by the way the he/she that has the big comb is a buff orpington.

thanks, chicklover1998
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Many on here can give an idea as to whether or not you have cockerels, but we need to see pictures of the chicks in question. The only problem is that I think you must have 10 posts before you can post pictures.

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