Roo starving to death - please help

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    My roo has a respiratory infection (I am guessing). He is blowing clear snot from his beak. It foams up and crusts on his face. I can see him choking sometimes. I have given 1cc Tylan for 1 week - slight improvement but not much. I have done 10 days of Sulumet in his water - stable but no improvement. I haven't seen him eat in days. He wants to eat, but he can't. He's so full of that crap.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on what I might do to help me? Please, it's really hard to watch him suffer so.

    Thank you.

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    Are you on well water?

    I heard that adding 2 cups of CLOROX unscented bleach to a GALLON of water, then putting 2 oz of this diluted solution in each gallon of drinking water helps a lot

    Hoping you get him better

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    Try physically removing the exudate from his beak, nostrils, and mouth. A Q tip, damp cloth, etc might work. It is possible that he is just too far gone to survive. Good luck.
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    If you really want to go down this path, it's worth trying: get a kid-feeding tube. It's a red plastic catheter tube you can get from the feed store or from your vet. It has a rounded tip and holes on the sides at the end, and you can get baby parrot food from the pet store to mix with water and pump down the tube with a big feeding syringe. Mix the formula to the consistency of runny pudding and the tube will go down YOUR LEFT side if the bird's beak is facing you. It should be fairly easy- don't force it.

    The tube needs to go down at least 4" so the food doesn't come back up. I feed a large roo 300cc of formula daily 2x. It's a long story....

    This should get him over the hump if you can make yourself do it.

    Good luck!

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