Roo with a neurologic issue, to be concerned?

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    May 10, 2010
    We have a roo that is having some kind of neurologic issue. I am not sure if what he is doing is called star-gazing, wry neck, or if that is completely different. We found him gazing this past Monday evening after a very windy day in the yard, so I am not sure that he didn't get hit in the head with something, but I do not see any marks indicating that he did. He is eating and drinking on his own, getting around on his own, but is having moments when he ducks down and looks straight up and he will lay down and sleep like this also. No one else has come down with this issue or any others that we have noticed. He is being treated with Pred and vitamin/mineral supplement (Poly-V-Sol, Selenium), but I have not seen any change. Any ideas?
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    Hummm.. strange. Try adding Vitamin E (gel caps) to his therapy. One gel cap, dribbled in his beak for a few days and see if anything improves. It could also possibly be a sprain if he got his head caught in something and struggled to pull it out. Sprains take time....

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