Roo with broken toe?


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12 Years
Jul 5, 2007
Gaston, OR
Our buff orp roo has been favoring his right leg, limping and standing on his left leg. It looks like a toe is bent sideways. Has anyone had trouble with this and what did you do? He doesn't seem to be in much pain, just not using his leg as much. Thanks for your good advice.

I don't live too far from you!
Do you have a picture of the foot/toe that you could post? Is he eating/drinking okay, how's his weight? Any other abnormalities with the foot or leg?
We just noticed the problem today, so he hasn't lost any weight yet. I don't know if he is not eating. The toe is not swollen nor is it read. It just looks sideways. I'll try and post a picture tomorrow.

PS: We're in Laurelwood if you know where that is.
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