Roo with long spurs? What to do?


12 Years
Apr 25, 2007
Central Michigan

I have a Little banty roo named Rudy.
Well Rudy has some long spurs on him. They seem to want to curl. One of the tips of his spurs is getting rather close to his leg.
I am afraid that it will start to grow into his leg. Is there anyway to clip his spur or sut it.
Afraid to try. Don't know if he could bleed to death like I have been told. Is his spur like a regular toe with blood flow or just an overgrown nail?
It's one big over grown nail.

Various ways of removal include sticking a hot potato on it and then twisting off, taking a dremel and cutting it about half inch from the leg, taking pliers and just twisting off, using a file and filing the ends down. Some quick stop or starch will stop bleeding that occurs. It's not like a toe, more like just a nail.

If you search "spur trimming" you should come up with a few threads on people's experiences on the topic.
Thanks much Sillkiechicken. So you are pretty much saying that I can just cut the spur off like with a pair of large toenail clipper that look like wire cutters. This won't hurt him? will it? My daughter would be devastated (sp) if I did something bad to her Rudy. Oh I did search and I didn't find anything.
A large shear type clipper might crush the spur so that would lead to a lot of bleeding. As long as it is very sharp though, I don't see it being a problem. Just have quck stop on the side to stop excess bleeding. He should heal up just fine. I haven't had to do anything to my roo spurs as they wear down and break off on their own. They are VERY sharp though but luckly my big roo is a big softee and doesn't attack anything other than other roosters.

Try these threads, you don't have to go though them, all, they are pretty short threads.

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