Roofing for waterproofing and wasp/bug free?

Enid Stowers

7 Years
Jul 19, 2016
We have 2 coops, a Pawhut small one and a larger one we converted from a kid's wooden playhouse and added an insulated floor base and nesting boxes with hinged lids. Despite caulking any gaps, we still had rain coming in through the hinged parts and somewhere in the roof. I have kept a tarp bungee corded over both, but now the wasps are building nests under the over hangings and the earwigs have created nests underneath the tarps. I would like to put down roofing paper and shingles, but how do we do this to make sure the bugs don't set up house between the current roof and shingles, and how do you cover the hinged end of the nesting box covers without having a gap under the material for the bugs/wasps to set up in?
I'm sure the forum will have a nice solution to your problems. Perhaps some pictures would help.

On another note, welcome to BYC! Sometimes herbs will repel pests.
Good idea, I will take a pic tonight. The coop is by Pawhut and has wood slats overlapping one another for roofing, and so the adhesive rollout roofing material I was going to use can't lay nicely over it without leaving grooves of gaping. I thought about using the rubberized caulk that is used to seal roof leaks along the grooves to fill the gap and smooth it out more so the contact to the material is better. Will send a pic!

How do I get the roofing material to make full contact? And since iit's in the hot sun, should I use additional small nails to keep it tacked down?
Not sure which way would be easier to fix this, but here are my 2 suggestions (I am no expert).

1. Remove the existing roof and cut outdoor plywood the same size to make a new smooth roof, which you can add tar paper and roofing material.

2. Roll tar taper on what you have using a skinny board to push tar paper into the grooves and use staple gun to hold tar paper in place. Then use metal tin snips (look like big metal scissors) to cut the roofing material to fit each slat and hammer on with short roofing nails. The tin snips work really well for cutting that roofing material ... way easier than using straight edge cutter.

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