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Nov 3, 2015
Melbourne Florida
I'm renovating an old shed into a 5 star hotel and have a roofing issue. Without completely dismantling the roof that attached to another structure I'd need to put a different roof on it because it leaks and is asphalt shingle. There is very little slope so, imo, shingles are not a good choice for replacement. I live in FL so cold isn't a problem, heat is. Sun and wind are what I have to think about. Does anyone have any good ideas for roofing? tia

This kinda shows the roof. Slope is about 4" over 8'. There is plywood decking under the shingles so options are available. My experience with roofing is minimal so all ideas are appreciated.
EPDM rubber is the ideal roofing material for low slope roofs. It is light weight, can be cut with a scissors or razor knife, can be shaped, lasts longer than any other roof material, can be glued or covered with some type of ballast.
if it only has one layer of roofing you can re-shingle it with more tar paper and shingles that is what a roofer did to my storage building a few years ago and it hasn't leaked since
I was going to suggest shingles till I saw the building. Shingles aren't really appropriate for lower slopes than 2 : 12.
His roof is much flatter than that. More like 2:48
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Yeah, the roof is 4" : 8'. Very shallow. That rubber material looks really nice but it's pretty expensive for a 10x10 area. Another option is rolled roofing with well-sealed edges.

As much as I don't want to, I may have to rebuild the roof. This is a last resort but an option nonetheless.

thx for input folks. Appreciated.
What about those corrugated panels made of lexan ( some sort of vinyl)? They're about $16/ sheet and a sheet is 26" X 8'. You can cut them with kitchen shears. I used several of them to make panels for windbreaks that I use only winter. You attach them with self-tapping screws that have a rubber washer so it won't pull out when it flexes. The panels come in various colors, the clear is more expensive. If you won't be needing to make any cuts, the corrugated metal is even cheaper for the galvanized tin, maybe $8 per sheet and those sheets are 4' x 8', I think. A little tougher to install, but without making cuts it's not too hard w/ an electric screwdriver. Easy to install, not too expensive and doesn't add too much weight over the existing roof.
I've thought about tin/metal roof sheeting but was concerned about heat. This is Florida so heat is always a concern for all my animals.

Those vinyl/plastic (whatever) they're made of is also a possibility. I read somewhere this summer about some composite material that came in 2x8 sheets like corrugated tin but the material thicker and heavier than those lighter sheets and more durable. I can't remember the name of them and can't find them in the local Lowe's/Home Depot. I'm not worried about weight. The shed was built to housing standards to withstand hurricane winds. Everything on 16" centers, full 1/2" decking on walls and roof 3/4" for floor. The shed has withstood 4 hurricanes in 15 years with winds 100+ (thus the sandblasted paint look).

All good thoughts. I have to make a decision soon. I'm getting my birds on the 9th. I'm running out of procrastination time.
I'm in South Texas, so I understand heat.......

tin is fine, plus if you put it up over the existing roof, you will have insulated too......

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