Rooftop Roosting


Jul 6, 2015
Wanted to post an updated photo with all four of the chicks still roosting on the roof of the coop.

Sometimes they come in without too much fuss. Generally at least one of them makes a run for it, and I have to chase him/her around the pen for a while. I put a high roost inside the coop, but I think I need to add some sort of ramp for easier access. They seem to fly pretty well, but I'm not sure there is enough room in the coop to get a good take off.

Also Sid:

Is now pecking me a bit when I try to take him off the roof. He is still the only one with any sigh of comb or wattle, so I'm pretty sure he is a roo. Sorry the photo is a bit dark.

I'm hoping that they will adjust to the indoor roost and start going inside on their own. If they continue to prefer the roof, I may try to make it less pleasant for them to congregate there.
I'd wear gloves and catch them just about the time it starts getting dark (around 9 pm here) and keep putting them in the coop until they get the idea. They should catch on. I'd also let them roost on the coop since it is enclosed ... ours love roosting on top of their coop.

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