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    Aug 31, 2008
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    Ok does anyone keep just a pen of roo's together , the reason why is I have about 8 different kinds of heavy breed Roo's, (Why you ask I keep 8 different breeds and not make chicken soup out of them )
    well the reason if these are my very first and I'm trying to produce my own bard yard special Dual Purpose heavy- colorful - bird . Yes I see there a large asstorment of colors - sizes- and breeds but just looks to produce my own while I rasing chickens for eggs and meat for the family and plus it's seems to be a growing hobby also just to see what ? would by crossing what ? would it look and turn out and what would egg productions be from the crosses .

    any way back to my question , how many Roo's can be keep together and what size run and pen should I keep them in .....................At one time or another they where together but not all at the same time , at this present time 3 are with the egglaying hens -2 are by themself -1 is with the x-rock hens - and the 2 are in with the bantams ,roo's and hen run.

    I want to build a small coop and run just for these Roo's plus a few others that I am rasing form the mix breed patch , as I get to many then I will butcher -n- turn them into chichen soup LOL

    yep i'm chick crazy

    Thanks Ya'll
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    May 23, 2008
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    I feel sorry for all those handsome roos that go for cheap at auctions... Mostly to be eaten [​IMG]
    I had a rule to just buy banty ones but this year I started with the full sized ones.
    One 8 x 10 chicken barn sat empty but now is officially the rooster barn!
    I do keep them separate for awhile to see that they are healthy..Then put in cage in the barn for a few days so others can get used to them....
    I have 7 large handsome boys living together and free ranging during the day.
    Very little fighting and they seem happy to share their barn together....The pecking order was established early on and hasn't changed much... good luck...
  3. ella

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    Sorry not sure on the square footage question, probably the same as for hens. You can keep as many boys together as space will allow for. [​IMG]

    One thing I've found is if they share a fence with hens they'll go crazy trying to get to them and it can start fights so if you can keep them out of sight of each other their lives will be more peaceful.

    You may have a problem putting them together initially just like putting hens together, and there's always the possibility that two of them just can't get along. So watch them closely that first day.

    No need to justify having a lot of roosters, I love them and would have a dozen if I could! [​IMG]
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    Jan 20, 2007
    Space at a premium is always the best situation for can't give them too much room, but you can easily crowd them.

    It is best for the bachelor pad to be placed where they can't see the makes a real difference, in my opinion.


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