Roo's crowing at night.


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May 8, 2009
Two of my roosters feel the need to crow (for about 10 mins) at randoms times during the night. Why do they crow at these random time through the night? Are they hearing something they dont like?

At first I though they might be hearing critter's and going on "alert", but last night I slept with my window open and checked every time they started to crow and found critter/pred's in sight.

The two offenders!!!


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Oh gosh, it could be anything or nothing. Some of mine crow 24/7, some only in the morning.

At night, it could be a car on the highway, a streetlight, a sound, a breeze- there's no telling because they won't tell!
Buffy our rooster (my daughter named him) crows all the time!!! including when a strange car/truck/motercycle comes in to the drive......last night he went off on us and wouldn't stop crowing untill some one came out.....found my daughters horse lose in our side field....buffy gave me that "P.O" look for taking so long
I just asked my dh the other day if he thought the hens ever just wanted to beat the snot out of our roo because he is so random (and obnoxious at times) with his crowing.

Pretty birds by the way.
I live out in the country and the chickens cant see the dirt road at all. The coop is a few hundred yard away from everything so I dont think it would be cars or lights.

We do have some coyotes and all other kinds of wildlife so I thought they may be getting spooked...but like I said I couldnt find anything that was spooking them last night.

Guess they just like to announce themselves!
My boy (who looks very similar to your first picture) crows at night too. And then starts again on and off at about 4am. I have very patient neighbors but I can't believe the hens don't jump on him and peck him to be quiet.
When he first started doing it, I was very worried there was a predator out there but nope - he just likes to crow.
My neighbor's rooster crows all day and night long. I don't know how he even has his voice left. I say neighbor, but they are across the street, back 4 blocks, and over 2 more blocks. This shows he is really loud too. I have one rooster that crows a few times in the morning, and another who just does it randomly about 3 times per day. Who knows what is going on in your coop, maybe he is having nightmares
I'm lucky that mine are not really loud. If my windows open I can hear them but if its closed I just hear a very faint crow.

We have some neighbors a good distance away and I can hear their rooster like its 2 feet away from me when I'm outside.
They just started crowing at 12:28 a.m. so I grabbed my shotgun and flashlight to go check on the coop...I can hear some people wwwwaaaaayyyyyy off in the distance talking (sound travels really far on a cold and quiet night). Maybe thats what set them off this time?

I guess I'm just freaked out because we had a coyote kill 7 of our 9 chickens one time. It was a really cold night and the moon was out when I came home to the slaughter.

This is the first cold snap we've had this year and I could hear some coyotes maybe a half mile away a few nights ago. The dogs around have been riled up the past few nights so I'm thinking the coyotes are making their way back towards my place.

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