8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
Springfield, GA
I have two roos and I need to rehome or cook one. Right now I have one (Brewster) that lives in the backyard and spends the night in the run (my run is all 1/4" by 1/4" hardwire cloth buried 1' in the ground so he is safe at night) and my other roo (Stew) lives in the run and chicken house with the girls. Both of the boys used to happily cohabitate in my backyard but I let the one (Stew) begin living with the girls because he is a sweet roo, good to the girls, stops their bickering, makes them share treats etc... Now everytime I open the coop door he tries to get out. Last night I let him out thinking he was missing his roo buddy. Boy was I wrong the next thing I knew they were fighting. This went on for about 20 minutes. Neither one of them have spurs so they didn't hurt each other. After Stew run Brester off into the woods he wanted back in by his girls. He mated with them and then started acting normally again.

I was really taken aback by the whole situation. Brewster is the more aggressive one which is why he is in the yard. When I used to keep him with the girls he would attack me when I came in the run. Stew on the other hand has never once become agressive with me (he watches me closely but that is his job.) He will let me handle the girls, yes he worries and gives me the stink eye but again no agression. Personally I would like to keep both of the roos. I enjoy Brewster in the yard and I think he likes it there too. I also think keeping him in the yard is what keeps my other roo (Stew) friendly with me because he is more concerend with what Brewster is doing. But I want to know if I get rid of Brewster is Stew going to turn agressive to me? If I keep both what can I do to sstop the fighting? I am baffled because they were brooded together?


11 Years
Jul 10, 2009
I keep several Roos with my Flock------however they are not of the same age. The oldest with the wicked looking spurs keeps everyone in line. Eventually he will pass on and the next will assume the "Cock-o-the-walk" role. I eliminated any aggressive to human roo when I started and since I hatch my own eggs, only the best roos contributed to the gene pool. I haven't had a problem rooster for years.

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