Roos missing tail feathers!?


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western Massachusetts
I went to the feed store with me son last week to get a sack of feed and in a pen outside they had 6 or 7 RIR roosters. All of them except one were missing ALL of their tail feathers. You could see their bald tails. They also were missing some cape feathers but not a lot. I am assuming that they are at the feed store for some rehab. I forgot to ask the folks at the store what happened but I wonder how this might have happened. They did not have any signs of fighting because their combs and wattles were fine. I know that when dogs get at a chicken they will sometimes get their tail feathers as they are chasing down the chickens. I was sad to see those beautiful, green feathers all gone.

Any thoughts?

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