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    Hey everyone. Just finished converting our older shed into a coop for our new girls. I still need to put in the roosts though, and am looking for advice on configuration. In my last coop, which was about 4x as large as this one, I did the roosts all at the same height and parallel to each other (like a ladder but all at the same level). It seemed to work out well, but it was huge and could hold all 30+ girls with room to spare.

    This coop is much smaller, about 6x7, and we have 6 girls. The wall where the roosts will go is just under 7' long and enough room to come off the wall about 24". I have figured out that if I do one long roost parallel to the wall, that I will get just over 6 linear feet of roost space. To the far right of the roost will be a window, which I assume they will all want to be near in the summer.

    If I do roosts perpendicular to the wall (like I did with my last coop) I will get about 7' of linear roost space, but it will be broken up into four 21"-24" segments. Also, the roosts will only be 11" apart from one another and I know some people recommend 18". I know breed size is important, we have 2 Salmon Faverolles, 1 GLW, 1 EE, 1 Speckled Sussex, and 1 runt Barred Rock. I would prefer to have them perpendicular for aesthetics as well as to make it easier for them to move around and get into position. I am also planning on putting them on hinges so I can lift them up to clean the poop board covered in pdz.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    This type of roost would suit your breed variety well:

    Note you'll want to put sand under the poop catchers. The flat 2 by 4's help keep the hen's feet from becoming deformed.

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