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Aug 14, 2013
I recently acquired two 1 yr old hens to add to my flock of 5. I have them quarantined in a separate shed for safety. The rooster knows they're there, he's looked at them through a window and can obviously hear them. The flock free ranges every afternoon and puts themselves to roost by 7:15 then I go lock them in for the night. But last night the rooster waited outside for me and attacked me!!! He seemed very angry. I proceeded to display my dominance and pinned him on the ground and held him there for a few minutes to send a message. Tonight he didn't attack but I could tell he was upset! Do you think this will continue or should he return to normal behavior once the new hens are added? I really enjoy having him and hate to have to get rid of him. Advice please! Thanks.
Sometimes my rooster will get nervous and come up to me to attack, but most days he is docile with me. I think it could depend on the breed too. What breed is he?
(oh, I should note too that my rooster never actually attacks- but does get up close and personal- I've been scratched and pecked at on the leg- the worst. He always does it nervously though- He knows. I think if he feels threatened- feels his life is in danger he does this. Otherwise, he is a very loving roo.
It really caught me off guard. He's typically calm and comes running when I whistle for him.
Has anyone else experienced this? He was waiting for me again tonight but acted skiddish.
Just posted mine on Craigslist. He'll go after anyone that runs or backs off. He's threatened me twice, but I caught him and carried him around. Now he's scared to death of me. As much as I'd like to keep him, I don't trust him with other people. I let mine out every morning unless I know someone is coming by, but it's a pain when someone drops by unannounced. I have grandkids so it almost as bad as having a mean dog. Make up your own mind if it's worth the hassle to watch him constantly. It's kind of breaking my heart because he's great with the hens. If I kept him penned, I'd keep him.

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