rooster and hens that have black tart looking substance on comb Have stoped laying please help

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  1. campo87

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    Oct 9, 2015
    My chickens are right at 20 months old and I have 2 older hens that where give to me they were laying when I got them my others hasn't layed any eggs yet I wormed them about 2 and a half months ago and now my older hens have quite laying all together and they know have these black tary spots piping up on there combs on the hens and rooster please help with anyone information you might have and thanks
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    Could be fowl pox, but it could also be dried blood from them pecking each other. Do you have a picture?
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    Mar 21, 2015
    Hi Happy Chooks! I am new to BYC and noticed your post while I was researching Fowl pox. Sorry to "butt" in but I believe my miniature chicken (MinMin) has fowl pox dry to be specific. I have seen so many different things about dry and wet Pox, that wet is the one thats supposed to be worse but then I saw that dry is the bad one and harder to get rid of. If you don't mind private messaging me that would be awesome thank you so much.
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