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    Sep 4, 2013
    Good morning- on January 4th, our neighbors dog ( we first thought was a coyote but just found out otherwise) mauled our rooster. He had extensive injuries and is STILL recovering in our dining room in a dog crate. He is much better, the stitches were just taken out, and feathers are starting to grown again. Combined with his antibiotics, we are using nustock to place on his back and neck for all the wounds which are scabbing over but still remain. We have just started reintroducing him to the "ladies" with the other rooster ( which is also in a dog crate next to him) and so far, they have remained in their "place" with the hens. I have noticed that he is still tired and doesn't have as much energy as the other chickens and is quite happy to return to his crate and lay down.

    Ever since the accident, his crow sounds like a kazoo. It is getting stronger ( louder) but he still has the same kazoo sounding voice instead of a crow. The vet looked at him and said she didn't think anything was punctured but now we can't be sure. She also thought maybe he was eating something and it got stuck when the attack happened. Any ideas?

    What can we do about the neighbors dog. I will take responsibility for my part in that they were (we now have a coop/pen) free ranged , but the neighbors dog came back on our property yesterday .

    Thank you for your input
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    First, shoot the dog or call animal control. In virtually any state, it is illegal for a dog to worry or attack livestock. The owner of said dog is liable for any damage and they should pay your vet bill.
    In MO, if a dog worries livestock, you can track the dog across the state and kill it wherever you find it - except in a pen on its owners property.

    Your birds should be able to free range on your property. If your birds were in your neighbor's yard - THAT would be on you, not the other way around.

    I would keep the rooster warm for a few more days till he's fully healed. The crow may or may not return to normal but that isn't a cause for concern. A little extra protein wouldn't hurt him until he heals (perhaps a grower feed). Plain yogurt would help too for protein and probiotics since the antibiotics have wiped out his gut flora.

    I'm glad he's recovering.

    My neighbors' pack of malamute/husky crosses have attacked several times. They only killed on two occasions - 9 the first time and 3 recently. She paid for the first batch and I'm still waiting on payment for the second kill. She knows I have a loaded shotgun and she said she wouldn't blame me if I killed them. So why does she continue to let them roam?
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    If he is eating/drinking i would not worry too much about his crowing,it is possible he sustained some type of internal injury which has caused the different sound.

    Have you spoken to your neighbor about their dog? Although some people are very ignorant and do not care,be firm and tell them you will not put up with this dog coming on your property,and that there will be consequences if it continues.

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