Rooster attacked by fox- need advice


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Sep 30, 2014
on Aug 26 my rooster was attack by a fox who crawled under the fence. He fought off the fox, but the fox took off with a hen. He left the rooster with most of the skin torn off one side of his face and a much smaller comb. This is healing nicely. He also took a chuck of his leg which he is still not using. The skin is healing, but the elbow bone is still exposed. I have some gauze on it to protect it some. I am introducing him back into the coop with his two hens. They peck around his wounds but he seems to enjoy it most of the time, It doesn't look like they are attacking him and there is no blood. I would like to put him in the coop full time. He has spent the last 6 weeks in our house, with daily visits to a connected coop. Is there still a chance his leg will heal?
Welcome to BYC. Are you saying there is a bone exposed to the air, or that the bone is covered with skin? If the bone is not covered by skin, I would think he has a good chance of getting a major bone infection. It may be better to have a vet see him for a possible amputation if he cannot use the leg. Could you post a picture so that we can see exactly what you see?
He has been to the vet. I clean and treat it each day. yes the bone is exposed since the scab fell off. I will get a pic when I change his dressing today.
Actually that looks a lot better than I thought it would. Are you putting any betadine or neosporin ointment on the scab daily? Betadine or maybe some BluKote on the scab and on the reddened areas , may keep the hens from pecking at it. but keeping it covered with neosporin and gauze or a light dressing probably is smart. I can't tell you that it will heal, but I would sure give him a chance. It's amazing how some really bad wounds can get better.
ok, so my rooster's leg is looking better. the skin is growing back. He still will not attempt to use it. and I can't get it to straighten out no matter how hard I try. Is there something you can suggest?
I'm glad that he has recovered from his wound. It sounds like he has suffered nerve damage to the leg. Can he get around at all on his other leg? Many chickens do fine with only one leg, but it may be more difficult with an impaired leg.
oh dear, not what I wanted to hear. He is getting around fine but I was hoping for full recovery. he was using the leg immediately after the injury. think there is still a chance?
You may have to wait and see. Maybe some massage and physical therapy could help him extend the joint. Good to know that he could use it right after the injury. Maybe he has a muscle contracture from disuse or lack of mobilityof the leg.

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