Aug 23, 2019
Something attacked my cops killed a hen and severely injured my rooster. I thought he was dead because I couldn’t find him but when I did find him he was very much alive which a quarter size hole behind his left eye (that eye opens and works) it was crawling with maggots. The other eye is swollen shut. I rushed him into a bath and soaked him in warm water and tweezers out all maggots from his side and his eye socket. I had to cut some skin off to reach the ones on his back side. Now he’s having vent gleet issues that I’m having a terrible time removing from his butt. I poured peroxide over him after he soaked. I thought I’d gotten them all (I spent over 2-3 hours removing them) I may have removed hundreds and that’s barley exaggerating. He was nice and clean I isolated him in a dog cage and placed him outside on the porch with a cover. However, I got home from work today to see how he was doing and his behind had dried a little so I sprayed him with no sting antibiotic spray. I then placed bandaged all over his wounds with first aid antibiotic. I then realized on the eye that is swollen shut he has developed smaller “worms” as if new maggots where laid. The ones I removed the first time where giant and these are very small but are all inside the top of his comb and they were not there yesterday. He was in shock yesterday so it was simple to treat his wounds, today he is weak but I had to fight him to get his bandages on his scalp. (No tape just ointment and hopes that it sticks) the hole is deep and I’m scared that he can survive the injuries but not the worms/maggot that have some how re developed. If tried to give him electrolytes and he refuses to eat anything which I assume isn’t uncommon for an injured bird. I need to know if he is able to get better or if I should put him down. I love him so much and have had him for 3 years. He’s name is baby and he is fighting so hard to stay alive. He sleeps laying down only a little, usually he’s standing up. So I assume that’s some what of a good sign? I played him soothing music today for about an hour and he fell asleep. Do I keep his wounds moistened or do I let them dry out? Where I cut the skin is all red so I put ointment on it. His vent is swollen red. No tail feathers except the hard ends that poke out his butt so it’s hard to clean his vent. HELP.


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Welcome to BYC. This is a really bad situation, and a vet would be his best bet. It can be common for new maggot larvae to hatch over 24 hours after an initial infestation. It would help to put the antibiotic ointment on every place that had the maggots—behind his eye, on the comb, and on the side injury. Do you see any inside his eye? In the morning, check again for more maggots, and treat them. Repeat the ointment every 12 hours after cleaning the wounds with Vetericyn, Hibiclens and water, or saline. Try to give him some Poultry NutriDrench, pedialyte, or gatorade. Offer some canned tuna, scrambled chopped egg, ground meat or liver, and wet chicken feed mixed with a lot of water. If he seems to be suffering, I don’t think that anyone would think it was wrong to put him down. Please let us know how he is doing tomorrow.

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