Rooster attacking Hen?

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    Aug 10, 2012
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    Ever since my friend dropped his young meat rooster (Scooter) off at my place a week ago I have gotten more manly activity out of H.P.(polish rooster) (chasing Scooter on occasion), but he's gone from being sleepy and fairly hungry to sleepy a lot more and not even diving into the meal worms, one of his former favorites. He's not laying eggs, so he just doesn't have an excuse. Is there a chicken antibiotic I can give him?

    So much for being nice. When Scooter first headed indoors to sleep with my flock, my little banty hen Rusty flew down specifically to be with him. She and he had been out foraging together earlier. So a day goes by and Scooters standing on her and pecking her face and she's screaming! I chased him around the yard a full minute for that. Poor girl, I lifted her up to her favorite perch and fed her mealworms. Do young roosters beat up on hens to get subservience, or is he just psycho? She and HP get along pretty well. They peck at each other a little bit, but only the usual shuffle behavior. Mainly he pecks her to move over, and she pecks at his head mop to help him get rid of it (doesn't work). They then sleep next to each other. Do you think Scooter was attacking her for smelling like HP? But I thought that chickens can't smell, and they can only taste with their tongues.
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    Well all i know is that, thats how roosters and hens mate [​IMG]
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    There is nothing subtle and gentle about chickens mating.


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