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    HI All,

    Several questions. I have 2 flocks 1 in the 4 month range and 1 of 7 week olds. The older birds are living in a coop, but I am planning to get an 8x8 shed and make a new coop that is large enough for all birds. Can I teach them to use the old coop for laying if I put nest boxes in there? Can the presense of excess roosters cause extra agression?

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    I don't see any reason why not but I wouldn't know how. Maybe just set up the old coop with golf ball temptation eggs and don't put any cozy nest boxes in the shed. Someone else with more experience may have better advise though.
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    When I started this years chicks I raised them in a tractor. When they were nearing the point of lay I tied it into the run to allow them to get used to the run and coop before they were moved in. Well when they started to lay most of them started to lay in the boxes in the pen in the barn with the rest of the chickens and they still slept in the grow out tractor. So I know its possible for them to sleep one place and lay another. So if the older ones have already started to lay in the coop before they get moved they should continue to lay there.
    There can be strife with to many roosters. Them competing to mate. The constant mating can be wearing on the hens. A lot depends on how many and if they were raised together.

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