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    Oct 1, 2011
    I have a rooster and 5 hens in a portable chicken tractor that I wheel around the yard. About every other day, I let them out to run around and explore for a few hours. During these times, I've noticed Mr. Roo doing his job. I'm realizing that I've NOT seen him after the hens while they're in their tractor.

    Should I assume that he's not interested unless they're allowed to roam about?

    I'm pondering this theory b/c this last batch of chicken eggs isn't hatching--they don't look fertile. When I candle the eggs, the light seems to shine right through the lower 1/3 of the egg. And I remember that I wasn't letting the chickens out much before that collection time....

    If roosters DO behave as I suspect, what else do I need to know about roosters??
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    I don't see why this would be the case, as most people who breed have them in small spaces during breeding season at least.

    Could it be this time of year? I have a group of Ameraucana bantams that are not laying fertile eggs at all. It's very frustrating! The girls will not squat for the boys, but will for me. I wish the boys would try harder!

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