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  1. Duckchick2011

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    Apr 17, 2011
    I was wondering, Do roosters help the hens find a good place to nest?

    My new rooster Presley had jumped into the nest box I made this morning and made a really big deal about it i.e he was clucking his head off. Then my hen came over, kicked him out and hasn't left. She's scratching around a whole lot and arranging the hay around her like she's making a nest. I think she's getting ready to lay an egg but I really don't know(I'm kinda new to chickens). Maybe she just found a nice place for a nap, but she sure is fussing over it.

    There behavior is so fun to watch!
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  2. sourland

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    Yes, as you have probably figured out they do. They will scratch, cluck and make a trilling sound to call the hens.
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  3. Wyorp Rock

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    I love to watch my cockerel, he makes a fuss over the girls. Yes, mine would get in the nesting boxes, cluck and inspect - sort of like checking it out before he let's them use it[​IMG]
    It's a wonderfully fun thing to watch if they are good to the ladies.
  4. Duckchick2011

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    Apr 17, 2011
    Yes [​IMG] I was so worried he would be mean and rough to her but so far he has been such an amazing gentleman. He finds her food and guards her too.

    Oh yeah, I just got my first egg!!!!!! [​IMG] I'm thinking about letting her go broody. I have a strong feeling she will.

    How many eggs do hens typically lay before they decide to start sitting?
  5. aart

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    When I got my first flock of mixed ages the cock got into the nest for about 30 minutes just talkin' up a storm...and then eggs there the next day.
    It was funny, I had no clue at the time that they would do that.......then the first egg song was even funnier.

    You can't 'make' a hen go's hormonal and will happen, or not, regardless of how many eggs she has laid.
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    It varies, but mine typically lay for 2-3 weeks before going broody. The most viable eggs are up to 7-10 days old. If you keep collecting eggs and always keep the last 7-10 eggs, you can place them under her once she starts to stay in the nest overnight ( that's my litmus test for a hen committed to being fully broody). Check out threads on storing eggs for setting also.

    Good luck


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