Rooster carcass still very stiff!

I hadn't even given though to rigor - I've always eaten/canned/frozen them pretty much straight after slaughter. How long does it usually take to subside in a chicken?
Thanks! Just not sure why this never occurred to me.. I have just never had more than a few at once to process and it just seamed like going right to the next step was convenient. Does it affect the meat one way or the other to cook before its relaxed?
If it is cooked or canned before rigor it doesn't effect anything. If it is frozen or cooked during rigor the meat can become like leather. For freezing it is always best to let rigor pass first so you don't have to let it rest for a week after thaw. Cooking during rigor is never advised.
Hahaha, love the convo :)

It is fully gutted and plucked and is in a bowel in my fridge (not freezer). I had assumed it would settle by 48 hours but it is far from that still. Is there anything I can do to help this along?
If you roast it low and slow, it will be just fine, even if it is still stiff. I have never let them rest before cooking or freezing, but I also cook for a long time at low temps. Maybe that makes a difference?

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