Rooster Comb Flopped and Turning Blue


7 Years
Aug 5, 2015
Jefferson, NC
Two days ago our rooster seemed fine. Yesterday I noticed he wasn't crowing and he was lying down occasionally when the girls were off on their own. Today the same thing only today his comb is floppy and it looks like it's turning blue. He had watery poop w/ white in it so he's getting enough water I believe and I don't think he's dehydrated. I checked him for lice and I don't see anything. Looked at his vent and it looks fine. Checked his crop this eve it's full but it seems to feel normal to me. Not sure what I should do. We are fairly new to chickens and only a couple months ago I had another rooster with an impacted crop that we had to put down according to the vet who looked at him b/c it was too far gone.

I'm really feeling discouraged at this point.

Some pics (the last one is what he looks like normally).

The final pic is antibiotics I got at Tractor Supply. It was all they had and I don't know if I should use it on him. I would not use antibiotics on him if it wasn't necessary. Our chickens are organic but at this point I'll do what I need to do for him.

Thanks for any help!





Not sure but will give your post a little bump for you.

Blue on comb can be a sign of respitory problems I believe.
I do have VetRx. Wonder if I should use. When he was lying down this morning I could see him breathing in and out. Like I haven't noticed that with my other chickens when they were lying down that I could notice them breathing.

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