Rooster crow post attack

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    Sep 4, 2013
    Good Morning- -Happy New Years Eve

    Our rooster just started to "crow" yesterday four days after being attacked. This morning, he is trying to crow some more but sounds like a kazoo rather than a rooster. On top of his skin near his neck, we can also see a very light blue (almost like a mold color) under his skin. I'm assuming this is a bruising color? Today is day five and he's still alive.

    Could this change in sound be due to just weakness or could something have happened to make him sound this way? He continues to be quite still in his cage- alert- still not eating or drinking as much as I'd like but I don't know how to force a rooster to drink without getting it in his lungs.

    I have some behavior and reintroduction questions to ask but I'll post those in a different forum.

    thanks again for everyone's info.
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    May 9, 2013
    Do not worry about how his "crow" sounds,he has suffered a traumatic experience,this is normal given that he is still weak and consider what he has been through.

    If you are concerned about how much he is eating/drinking,you might want to consider tube feeding,very easy to do.

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