Rooster died- what do I do with other chickens


9 Years
Mar 2, 2010
A Rooster we had died this afternoon (Leghorn) was in coop with 23 female Buff Orpingtons- they are all around 20 weeks. The hens seem fine, I didn't notice anything off about the rooster- although he is hen pecked. They are confined in coop in our garage food and water are being consumed at normal rate-no idea why he died-
I would just keep an eye on the girls and watch for any signs of illness. Couldnt hurt to make sure there is some ACV in their water for a while.
The hens will be fine without a roo unless you were hoping to have chicks too.

Hope that losing the roo was just a happens sometimes.
how big is the coop? Maybe they started to kill him because of to little space
24 chickens x 4ft + 96sqft and that doesnt include the run...............
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I've heard it said by several chicken people that Buff Orps and a few others such as Isa Browns will only socialise among themselves. That might be a reason your rooster was hen-pecked quite apart from the space issue. They girls will sort themselves out and usually live happily ever after without the (often unwanted) attentions of a male. As well you won't have the crowing to contend with which many people find is a nuisance.

Leghorns tend to be flighty and live a bit on the edge of their nerves. We have lost one to sudden unexplained death which we put down to heart attack; we understand they can be prone to that. But all of ours have been very skittish except when brooding or raising chicks and get very agitated compared with the more placid breeds.

The browns will come home if they accidentally get out of the pen. Just leave the door open and lay a corn trail and back they come. Not so the Leghorns who will fly about and eat everything in the garden rather than come back home.

Good advice to keep an eye on your girls just in case there's anything amiss but you don't need to do anything else. Just let them get on with life.

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