Rooster Has Eye Shut and Wont Open

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  1. Firearia

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    A couple of days ago I noticed my rooster Thorn had his one eye closed and wouldn't open it. He opened it after I held him and it seemed ok enough. The next night I saw him he had it shut again an it was weeping. I never saw him open it until I brought him into the basement away from the rooster that was chasing him. Only the slightest bit, but I know the eye is still there. His other eye on the otherhand is fine.

    I'll have pictures later, in the meantime what should I do? Should I put anything on the wound? Anything to feed him or give him to drink? When will it heal and did he really get pecked like I thought he did? I'm fairly sure it was multiple times as there seems to be a little blood above the eye.

    Thanks! Oh and he's almost six months old, a buff Orpington and um... Yeah. :3
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  2. HorseFeatherz NV

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    How is Thorn doing?

    Might try flushing out the eye with some saline.
  3. Firearia

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    He's doing quite well! He's eating and drinking now, he also doesn't seem to be in as much pain as last night. He's definitly trying to open the eye more frequently.

    Thank you for responding. [​IMG]
  4. Firearia

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    I noticed he opened his eye a little and it looks very strange. The middle where his pupil should be is whitish from what I see. Not the perfect circle but more like he might have been pecked there. I'm still really scared it's mareks, if I have to cull them all I don't know what Ill do. They were a gift from my grandpa who just passed away... I'm crossing my fingers that it's not the case. I'll get my dad to help me take pictures soon.

    Edit: it looks like he's breathing out of his mouth now an his nose, Im really scared. Help! ;-;
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    I don't have any experience with Marek's, but aren't the symptoms paralysis? This sounds like something else.

    I once scratched my eye, I was amazed how quickly it healed. If you little guy got pecked, you might see an improvement as soon as tomorrow. And sometimes mine breathe through their mouths, depending on the temperature or if something scared them. Give us an update in the morning, okay?
    Edit: Find the post titled in this forum "Weird Eye Thing," it might help you feel better.
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    I believe Mareks can turn the eye a milky gray color, but I think it will be the entire eye. I would put a drop of Tylan50 in his eye. Or you could put some antibiotic ointment in his eye, without pain meds of any kind.

    If you think he needs something for pain, you can dissolve an aspirin in a gallon of water and let him drink that.
  7. Firearia

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    Thanks! My dad came and looked at him, he says he got pecked in the eye an what I am swing is not his eye, but the pus. He seems fully capable to try to run away from my dad so I think he shoul get better. I don't think it's mareks either now that you guys posted. I'll check on him tomorrow. I would give him ointment for his eye, but my mom keeps telling me they're just chickens. It may take him longer to heal, but I think he can do it.

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